I aim to enhance every unique beautiful part of you as it brings me absolute joy to embrace your inner beauty. My dream is to help anyone who has suffered emotional damage from bullying, build their own confidence through their natural beauty. I'm also a huge animal lover and believe we can be fierce, classy, and stunning without harming our furry friends.

As someone who was bullied through the majority of my childhood, I felt that the only way to fit in was to be beautiful. So throughout my adolescence, I strived to master the art of makeup and eventually became a professional makeup artist. During my journey, I realized how much I love embracing other's beauty more and grew a new dream, to build my own brand for people who felt like me.

Creating my own lash line took months of research as I am known to be a perfectionist. Every detail has been carefully reviewed to ensure longevity and quality to all my customers. What makes my lashes unique is their plant base material making them truly vegan. This is only the beginning for me of course as I want to grow my brand to its fullest potential. For now, I aim to continually grow as an artist in my field and build my brand.

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MJ The Makeup Artist

A natural-born artist intrigued with color, texture, and everything and anything that will achieve the effect she needs. MJ DuBarr specializes in beauty, airbrush, and makeup effects specifically for studios.

MJ has worked various film sets and special events using high-quality makeup and hair kit. Her ambitions are set to become a full-time TV & Film makeup artist as well as a brand owner in the forthcoming future.


Learn more about MJ DuBarr's Makeup Artistry and view her work:

MJ DuBarr