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Melanie Jean


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Preciosa - Faux Silk

Preciosa is elegantly simple with the right amount of length, perfect for any smokey or natural eye look. She has a cat-eye style that is subtle that is radiant and classy. This lash style is in between natural and glam for daily wear or evening to enhance your romantic makeup looks.

These subtle cat-eye lengthy lashes best compliment almond eyes, round eyes, downturn eyes, monolid eyes, and hooded eyes.

Faux Silk Lash Preciosa is carefully handcrafted made of high-grade PBT material to last for up to 25 wears with proper care.

*lash glue not included*


Cotton Band Length: 35mm
Lash Length: 10mm (outer corner), 9mm (middle), 7mm (inner corner)
Wears: 25x


• Made from finest and sturdiest material to last for up to 25 wears with proper care.
• Soft and comfortable flexible cotton band for durability.
• Light in volume and short to long in length.
• Handcrafted crisscross application for natural appearance.
• Absolutely no mink furries are farmed or used for the process of these lashes making them cruelty-free!
• Absolutely no silk worm cocoons are used for the process of faux silk lashes making them vegan.


Proper care instructions are included with every purchase.

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